Weight Managements Services

At SunsUp we have taken years to carefully discover and provide a variety of weight loss options for our clients to best reach their personal body goals. We provide quick and highly effective equipment and services that help achieve the optimal, proven results at an affordable price. Our non-surgical, non-invasive services have helped hundreds of clients reach their goals without costly and often dangerous surgery or unneeded downtime and expense. Other weight loss services can cost $1000’s of dollars, and the results are not necessarily consistent, but at SunsUp we have carefully found the most cost-effective and efficient services available.

Added to any fitness regime and the results grow exponentially! Our weight management services are designed to accent any level of exercise or fitness regime providing even more advanced results in a reduced period of time. Discover the Difference with SunsUp and discover the difference in an whole new you!

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After and before 40 pounds lost

“She lost 40 lbs and 3 inches”

Check out these before and afters from one of our client’s body sculpting and infrared wrap services.

In a month, she lost 40 lbs and 3 inches. Contact us today to see how you can get started!

After and before 40 pounds lost