Careers at SunsUp!

Welcome to the SunsUp family where “We Care Enough to Do It Right.” SunsUp is a growing corporation that has been in business and thriving since 1995. We are happy you have decided to explore a future with our growing corporation.

Career-oriented individuals will enjoy the fast-paced, exciting culture that has established SunsUp as the premiere tanning experience in the Northwest. Our mission at the corporate level is to serve our staff and to ensure our tanning consultants and executives exemplify; integrity, dedication and excitement for customer service. Our employees help us provide customers with a complete tanning experience and are provided extensive training to educate customers and help them see the best results.

At SunsUp, our commitment to growth has resulted in the implementation of training programs that are beneficial in reaching personal and professional growth. Programs include; company-provided weekly customer service workshops, career path programs, leadership training, SMART Tan certification training as well as a nurturing team-oriented atmosphere.

We provide flexible hours and also an opportunity to earn the hours best-suited for your lifestyle. As a company, we believe in achieving excellence and we recognize individuals in a variety of ways. Benefits include; personal performance bonus, district performance bonus, tanning benefits, trip incentives to amazing destinations and so much more. Upon fulfilling certain company requirements, employees may also be eligible for 401k, medical benefits, and additional career support to benefit your personal advancement at SunsUp.

If you have a flair for providing excellent customer service and are looking for a company to guide you on a career path, SunsUp may be the perfect place for you. Why wait any longer?

Apply now or refer a friend for a chance to participate in our group interview with our friendly staff. It is a great opportunity to ask questions and decide if SunsUp is the right fit for you!


When it comes to benefits, SunsUp offers un-matched perks in the industry! All of our employees are trained to the highest standards, which leads to more knowledge and better sales! Our outstanding incentive programs offer opportunities beyond just a paycheck including:


This year our incentive trips included trips to California, Las Vegas, and Hawaii! 




Assists on day-to-day operations of the tanning center, dispenses appropriate follow up actions towards all aspects of customer service. Communicates to all leadership and management with all daily figures and sales statistics.


  •  Attends mandatory monthly company meetings as scheduled. *
  •  Attends educational seminars and continues educational training as required by company. *
  •  Performs all tasks outlined above, up to and including leading by example and showing fellow employees and customers excitement in the company, its’ services and its’ practices. *
  •  Runs errands or group marketing and promotions of specific location as requested.*
  •  Maintains all duties specified on 30-day training packet and continuously focuses on daily practice of the contents found on the 30-day with leadership. *
  •  Follows all regulations pertaining to 30-day training packet including: SunsUp top rules, beds, SunsUp website, scheduling system, location software, opening/mid/closing procedures, key job responsibilities, bonuses and profit sharing, SmartTan program, and required daily and monthly paperwork.
  •  Performs daily chores as called out on the chore list and inspection sheet. *
  •  Complete typed 30-day training packet review, trainer review, and certification class prior to first day working alone. *
  •  Available to work a minimum of 25 hours a week.

Job Duties: Daily-

  •  Work behind the counter following all requirements and guidelines as a Tanning Consultant, including maintaining a minimum PTA, and provide excellent customer service.
  • Make sure the stores daily chores are completed accordingly.
  •  Reply to all internal communications and communicate accordingly, report to Operation Lead and higher management when necessary on daily basis during or before shift ended.
  •  Must be able to stand and be on your feet for long periods of time, properly clean a tanning bed and lift at least 10 pounds.
In addition to skills associated with the position of a Wellness Consultant an employee must possess great organization skills, communication skills, and leadership abilities.

  • Work a minimum of 35 hours a week
  • Keep up to date on sales tactics and leadership information by volunteering time at sales workshops at least once a month.
    Job Duties:• Work behind the counter following all requirements and guidelines as a Tanning Consultant, including maintaining at least a 1.75 PPTA and a 2.25 PSTA, and provide excellent customer service.
  • Consistently lead by example by being supportive with any questions and concerns during daily operations which includes but is not limited to solving customer service issues.
  • Make sure the stores daily chores are completed accordingly.
  • Work on and complete the Decline Call list.
  • Assist Operation Lead on working with new employees on their first opening & first closing shift.
  •  Assist Operation Lead on training Tanning Consultants following their training with the Corporate Trainer Monday-Friday
  • Reply to all internal communications (elync) and communicate accordingly, report to Operation Lead and higher management when necessary on daily basis during or before shift ended.
In addition to skills associated with a Team Lead and Wellness Consultant employee must possess sales ability, great delegation skills, follow-up ability, great communication skills, ability to coach employees toward increased performance, and motivational leadership knowledge. Requirements:

  • Must be able to work a minimum of 35 hours per week
  • Must be available to assist in training Monday through Friday

Job Duties:


  • Check schedule each morning to see who is working where.
  • Be aware of electronic alerts for any late opening notification and contact employees to get it covered.
  • Check in with team at the location for motivational sales encouragement or assist with low performance.
  • Make sure store goals are being hit, monitor to avoid cancellations, call and confirm cancellations and try to save them.
  • Reply to all internal and external communications and communicate accordingly
  • Rarely work alone behind the counter, but if necessary, must follow all requirements and guidelines as a Tanning Consultant, Lead by example at all times by being supportive with any questions and concerns during daily operations which includes solving customer service issues.
  • Work with new employees on their first opening & first closing shift
  • Support Team Lead, delegate & follow up accordingly. Hold high accountability for lack of performance.
  • Gather questions and concerns daily to bring to the corporate meeting on Mondays.
  • Report to District Operation Sales Lead on daily basis during or before the shift ends.
  • Check and see how the day ended for the location
  • Be alert for electronic notification on store late closing and contact location and employee to verify it was taken care of.


  • Sunday-Gather all the numbers and information needed for Monday Corporate Meeting
  • Monday- Attend corporate meeting, update team with all information needed from the meeting, update each employee’s goals after receiving store goals from District Operation Sales Lead.
  • Wednesday- Update schedule for the following week
  • Thursday-  Turn in completed Schedule for the following week to the District Operation Sales Lead no later than 12 pm.
  • Friday – Complete budget for next week and turn in to District Operation Sales Lead no later than 10 am.


  • Work last day of month to verify that the end of the month paperwork was gathered and faxed to corporate for the location.
  • Return SD card to corporate for the location
  • Follow up with Team Lead on the 2nd and 11th to verify that appropriate paperwork is faxed in from location
  • Turn in Unpaid Charge on Accounts (COA) to corporate by the 26th of the month.

*SunsUp Tanning Centers Inc. Reserves the right to alter these requirements at any time.

Attention All Applicants
Once applications have been reviewed, a Corporate Staff Member will contact you by phone with further instructions if you qualify for an interview.
Please no phone calls.



My Suns Up Story

Told by Isabelle Whitfield, employee.

Sunsup was started by Rick and Fuli Waldenburg in April of 1995. They had a passion to help others and create a welcoming, more sanitary environment for the tanning community. They knew how many different ways that UV therapy not only helped themselves but helped many others. They also knew that people needed more than just tanning, there were several wellness services that they could offer that would benefit others and that’s when they decided SunsUp wouldn’t be strictly tanning but a tan wellness spa. They have created a family with their clients and have also instilled the highest of expectations in them as well. The environment is always positive and uplifting, they take pride in cleanliness and proper sanitation between every guest. The spa has become the best part of everyone’s day and has given new life to all those who step foot inside whether it be tanning, or exploring our wellness options. SunsUp has been so successful because of their drive to constantly go above and beyond what is expected of them. The environment they have created makes sure everyone leaves with a smile on their face and thinking of their next visit. SunsUp takes the time to not only get to know their clients but their employees as well. They have been so successful because they care enough to keep looking for ways to better the company even at their best.

I started working for SunsUp in June of 2022. I can say without a doubt that since stepping foot into the SunsUp ohana my life has forever been changed. I have never been so excited to work, speak to my clients, and help so many people every day. I get independence and freedom while working, they instill trust in all employees. I have never received so much support and constructive criticism. I am never looked down upon when a mistake is made, instead they take the time to teach me ways to do things differently and encourage me. I have never been so seen and heard in the workplace and that is why I enjoy working for SunsUp. I started working here because I was out of work after a bad car accident and was falling behind on my bills. To be completely honest I started not thinking I would be here for very long as it wasn’t within my typical skill sets from previous jobs. I was a very shy, quiet person and I had very low confidence in myself when I first walked through the doors. With the help of Rick and Fuli I have grown in ways I never thought I could. I am able to consult clients, speak up, be my complete self, and I have learned to accept my mistakes and grow from them. I hope that I can continue to improve my communication and leadership skills throughout my journey here. I also hope that I can continue learning new things every single day, learn how to keep helping others and learn how to keep helping myself. I hope to continue my self growth journey and I know that being at SunsUp is the best place I could possibly be to continue to grow.

At SunsUp we help our clients meet fitness goals, improve mental health, find ways to manage pain, and encourage relaxation to de-stress. We train certified consultants in matching clients to services that best fit their needs and will give the best results. We offer numerous top shelf and clinical products to help speed up the process and get you closer to your goal faster. We care enough to do it right every time. That means that we are reliable, we listen, we communicate and we give 100% in everything we do. We care enough to keep everything clean

and sanitized before each use, and we care enough to have every service and product you could possibly need no matter what journey you are on. To me “we care enough to do it right” means that we will always do what is in your best interest. We care enough to make sure you’re not spending money on things that will not get you where you want to be, and to give you not only what you want but what you need. SunsUp will always continue to encourage growth in others, they will always help to educate others, and they will always care enough to do it right.

What Makes SunsUp Spas So Great

Told by Brisa Orlecky, employee.

To me our company’s slogan, “We care enough to do it right!” can really sum up the company as a whole in so many ways. Rick and Fuli Waldenburg started SunsUp to help people by providing an affordable and effective way to improve their physical and mental health. Fuli has experienced first hand how lacking in Vitamin D can effect peoples physical and mental health very negatively. After she had learned how tanning could improve not only hers but everyone’s health, she knew that her and Rick had to be a bigger part of getting this treatment to everyone. Which is how SunsUp came to be. Before they started this company there were no spas even close to what they could offer around. SunsUp was the very first tanning salon in the area to provide all of our wide range of UV beds and spray booths, as well as the first spa to introduce Red Light Therapy. SunsUp provides so much more than just tanning, we are a wellness spa.

Since our company was founded on the sole purpose of providing people with a spa where they can better their health, we have made sure that our team members are trained and certified to be the best wellness consultants possible. We provide every client with all of the info and support they need to achieve their highest level of wellness in our spas no matter which service they are using that day. Our clients love SunsUp and have been able to keep this business growing and thriving for the past 29 years. Which is why our clientele keeps growing and our team can also grow.

Since working at Sunsup I feel less like an “employee” and more like a family member. SunsUp is the first company I have worked for where I have felt like I am actually part of the company. I could not be more proud to be where I am today and reaching the milestones I have with SunsUp. This team has made it so easy for me to progress and succeed here. I have support and advice whenever I need it and that is hard to find in most companies, which is what makes working at SunsUp the best. As I start my journey into leadership I am excited to be able to share the support and advice with all of my fellow team members so that I can also help this company grow and continue thriving. My goal is to never stop growing and learning how to be more and do better everyday.

I believe SunsUp is so successful because they never intended to start the business for money, but to help people. We do what we do so our clients are happy and healthy. We provide the best equipment and products and always make sure every person that comes in leaves better than they arrived. We are able to give our clients access to many health benefiting services that no other spa around can, such as tanning, red light therapy, skin hydration, massage chairs, foot detoxes, spray tans, weight loss wraps and pods, and even non invasive body sculpting. Our mission is to create a more healthy and rejuvenated community, not just for our clients but for our team members as well. SunsUp is an environment that makes everyone who enters feel welcome and relaxed. Which is why we can say our slogan loud and proud, “We care enough to do it right!” because we make sure everyone feels like a visit to our SunsUp spas was a good one. Our company strives to make everyone feel rejuvenated and doing it the best way possible.