At SunsUp Tan & Wellness Spa we carefully hand select all of the lotions and moisturizers we sell and ONLY carry premium, high quality products. We have more than 25 years of experience finding the right products at he right price. We make sure that all of our products are exclusive to our stores. We only buy directly from the manufacturers distributors to make sure that our products are legitimate and safe. We recommend NEVER buying your lotions online, and always know where they are coming from. For help on what lotion is right for you just ask us! We can help you determine the best lotion for the best results! Protect your investment with premium quality lotions and moisturizers.


Age Defying and Red Light Complimenting Products

Formulated for All Skin Types including delicate, easily damaged facial skin, our Red Light Therapy serums are pharmaceutical quality products that promote anti-aging properties to help tighten and tone your skin. Our serums act as moisturizers as well replenishing the skin while it works. These vegan friendly serums are tested and for sensitive skin and easily irritated skin. Available locally only at SunsUp, our serums reduce the signs of aging and are designed to be used daily.



Tanning Specific Lotions

Our tan-specific products are specially tailored to your skins specific needs and wants. Choose from a variety of tanning products including tanning lotions, bronzers, accelerators, tingle lotions and moisturizers. It is critical that you are using a tan-specific lotion anytime you are using indoor tanning equipment. We promote safe use and never want our customers to damage their skin. Talk with one of our consultants about what products would work best for your specific skin type.


Island Colour Airbrush 360º Micro-Mist Spray – Home Touch Up Spray

Our Island Colour Micro-Mist Spray is all-natural and paraben free. We don’t think spraying more chemical preservatives is a great idea so we developed our spray solution to be as natural as possible and paraben free!. Parabens are chemically created preservatives that many ‘tan in a can’ manufacturers use to extend the life of their products….but at what cost?? Unlike other leading brands Island Colour Airbrush 360º spray uses non-Aerosol, non-butane propellents keeping these unsafe, flammable chemicals off your skin. PETA certified, our products are NEVER tested on animals!  Learn more about Island Colour Spray Solution



Exclusively Available at all SunsUp Locations!